It’s possible to find detailed information regarding prohibited items on the link, please click:?????

You may find information as well as purchase tickets on the following page:

You may also purchase domestic flight tickets in the terminal.

You can carry no more than 10 pieces of container with each capacity of 100ml or lower.

The container size is measured, regardless of how much liquid it contains. 

You’re allowed to take essential medicines sufficient for your trip. But you will be asked to provide proof such as a doctor's letter or prescription.

For additional info, you can contact revenue service of Georgia:

You can choose shuttle bus service from 2 operating companies: Georgian Bus and Omnibus. Both companies have adjusted schedule to airport flight schedule and passengers are transported in direction of Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and vice versa. For detailed info you can contact operating companies or check their webpages.

It’s possible to buy tickets at the airport terminal in arrivals hall after leaving baggage claim area, online - on webpages of operating companies or directly at the bus stops.

Georgian Bus


Call center:  +995 555 397 387  (24/7)

Omnibus Express: 


Call center: +995 322 159 259 (24/7)

It’s recommended to arrive at the airport minimum 2 hours prior to flight departure time.

Yes, you can buy travel insurance at the airport terminal, but not during night hours.

Yes, you can exchange money in the bank or the exchange kiosk, both available in the terminal.

Yes, you can buy sim-card at the airport terminal in arrivals hall, after leaving baggage claim area.

In case of an emergency, you should dial: 112.

For more information, please visit: 

Not yet, however you can reach Kutaisi City center in 30 min driving time, where you can find quite a selection of international hotels as well as guesthouses and local brands.

Not yet, however you may find some of self-care products in the SMART Supermarket, which is in the arrivals hall and is accessible for departing as well as arriving passengers and the meeters & greeters. 

You may find airport job opportunities on the following link: